Priscilla Terrero

Priscilla Terrero

Morito Chocolates

Morito Chocolates was born from an idea. An idea to combine a love for chocolate with an appreciation for the culture, beauty, and community of the Dominican Republic. Having grown up near a cacao farm in the Dominican Republic, Priscilla Terrero, the founder of Morito Chocolates, used her home as inspiration to create her own hand-crafted chocolate company.

Priscilla’s adventure into chocolate-making began when she accidentally found herself in a French cooking class. Here, she gained a first-hand understanding about the process of handling food and became enamored with the art of patisserie and confectionery. Over the course of her journey, she worked at Le District, where she came to further understand the art of french cuisine and cooking techniques. She even had the privilege of working under chef and restaurateur, Thomas Keller. 

It wasn’t until she began working at a Nordic food hall, project of chef and restaurateur Claus Meyer, however, that she was first introduced to working with chocolate. This is where the questions started. How does one make chocolate from scratch? Chocolate is temperamental, it comes with its own unique persona, its own set of challenges. At times, it can even seem impossible to work with. But it is possible if you are dedicated to learning. Which thankfully, Priscilla was. 

Eventually, she found herself at Brooklyn-based Raaka Chocolate, where she worked on the production team and developed her bean-to-bar chocolate-making craft further. From this, Morito Chocolates was born. While working at Raaka and learning the art of chocolate-making, Priscilla pushed herself to go overseas to a plantation in the Dominican Republic so she could better understand workers living conditions and the process of harvesting cacao through conscious, sustainable practices. The last leg of her journey before jumping into the adventure of creating Morito was taking a trip to France and working with pastry chef Pascal Caffet. After this, Priscilla was able to combine everything she had learned throughout the course of her work and travels and take it back to her roots.  

Morito is proud to be a female-owned company that handcrafts small batches of vegan, gluten free chocolate with cacao sourced from the Dominican Republic in Brooklyn, NY. Priscilla strives to make chocolate with a soul. Her main goal is to use sustainable sourcing and manufacturing to create bridges between her communities and make a delicious product that everyone can enjoy. While the adventure is just beginning, you can now find Morito’s confections at several locations across the U.S. and on